Level: Beginner

Common Names : The accomplished pose, perfect pose

Targets: Hips, groin muscles, lower back, spine

Siddhasana is a basic seated asana that is commonly used during pranayama and meditation practice. The name is derived from the Sanskrit words, siddha, which means “accomplished,” and asana, which means “pose.” Those who have difficulty practicing Padmasana can easily practice Siddhasana for extended periods. This asana holds the spinal column straight and steady. In Siddhasana, the heel is kept pressed against the Mooladhara chakra. This ensures that the energy currents flow upwards towards the spine.In Hatha yoga Pradeepika, it’s said that Siddhasana stabilizes the systema nervosum by calming down the pranic energy.

How to do Siddhasana :

  1. First Sit on the Ground.
  2. Then slightly, Bring the right heel in toward the groin and as close to the perineum as is comfortable. The arch and ball of the right foot will press lightly against the inside of the left thigh. The weight of the body rests on the right heel.
  3. Then Bring the left foot in, crossing it over the right foot and placing it on top of the right lower calf. The two ankles are now crossed and touching.
  4. Then put the the hands lightly on the lower thighs, palms facing downward. 
  5. Then make eyes relaxed and make the drishti (gaze) , a couple of feet in front of the knees.

Benefits of Siddhasana :

1.   Siddhasana pose stretches the hips, adductors, knees, and ankles.

2.   It also direct energy from your lower body upward through the spine, which results in a flat back, upright posture, and long spine. 

3.   It also help reduce stress levels and decrease the symptoms associated with anxiety. 

4.   It is also beneficial for men with various prostate problems.

5.   This pose also helps brings an increased level of focus, concentration, and memory.

Contradictions of Siddhasana :

  1.   Injury
  2.   Arthritis
  3.   Sciatica
  4.   Pregnant women

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